Remote Task Monitor

  A Task Manager for Windows CE and Windows Embedded devices

How it Works


Crash Watch












Feature Master

Trial Version
(25 minute limit *)
Monitor Processes
 Get CPU usage per process
 Kill, start, restart, clone processes
Monitor Threads
 Get CPU usage per thread
 Kill, suspend, resume threads, set thread priority*
Plot graphs of CPU usage in real time
 Process CPU usage, thread CPU usage, and process memory usage plots, generate session reports
Crash Watch*
 Get alert when a process crashes on the device
 Get a call stack in the crash report
 Find out what kind of exception caused the crash
CPU Watch
 Get alert when a process takes too much CPU
Memory Watch
 Get alert when free memory on device gets too low
 Run your Python script to automate RTM operations
Auto-connect at startup
 Automatically connect to target device when RTM client starts.
 Automatically run Python script when RTM client starts.
US $495 Free