Remote Task Monitor

  A Task Manager for Windows CE and Windows Embedded devices

How it Works


Crash Watch











Crash Watch

Make your app stable by monitoring it for a crash, and quickly determining the cause of crash.

The crash watch tool in RTM monitors your app for any kind of violation that would cause it to crash. You can set it to email you the crash report when that happens. It will identify the type of violation, the address of code where the process crashed, and the call stack. If you provide a map file from VS2005 for your app, then you could even see the function names in the call stack.

CPU Watch

You can put a process or thread on CPU watch, when process takes CPU more than the set value, you can get an alert and an email notification.

There is also an overall CPU watch, when the total CPU exceeds the set value, you can get the alert and email notification.

Memory Watch

The memory watch notifies you when the overall memory is lower than the set value.